Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SATP) Ohio Veterans

Veterans Drug Treatment Center
Veterans Drug Treatment Center

The California Palms is the largest private rehab center in the country providing treatment exclusively to veterans and active duty military from substance abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, opioid abuse, heroin abuse, and/or co-occurring psychological disorders like PTSD, depression, etc.


We offers long term inpatient treatment from drug addiction. After being assessed, if a person is diagnosed with a substance abuse problem, care is given to according to criteria developed by the ASAM and integrate the least restrictive treatment plan possible, depending on specific needs. Lengths of stay varies and includes various options: (1) Short-term outpatient programs; (2) Intensive outpatient programs; (3) Inpatient residential treatment of varying duration. Duration of rehabilitation is customized to meet the specific needs of the patient.


We offer professional ptsd treatment for veterans and military personnel, long-term care for each veteran by focusing on his specific mental health needs including PTSD, TBI and other behavioral health conditions. California Palms us a Veterans Administration Mental Health  mental health treatment program for PTSD. The department of Veterans Affairs PTSD treatment for Veterans program help our nations Veterans get the mental health treatment they deserve.