Fitness Therapy


Drug and alcohol addiction breaks down the body to the point where it can't function normally. Exercise and fitness therapy are proven and effective ways to bring the body back to a natural, healthy balance. California Palms is equipped with a state-of-the-art fitness facility to help our patients develop a more fitness-oriented lifestyle. The combination of our rehab therapies combined with regular exercise will help to heal you from addiction and achieve lasting wellness.

Healing through Fitness and Exercise

When a person exercises, their body naturally produces endorphins – the same chemical released into your system following the use of certain drugs or alcohol. Physical exercise can give recovering addicts a similar rush to the one they feel while actively engaging in substance abuse and can be a catalyst for lifestyle change. Exercise has the added benefit of giving our patients something else to focus on apart from their addiction.

Integrating Fitness into Everyday Life

While exercise therapy is extremely helpful in rehab, our hope is that patients will see the benefits of improved nutrition and physical fitness and decide to make it a permanent part of their lives. Patients are often surprised by the positive physical transformation they experience while in rehab and desire to maintain and build upon it after leaving treatment. This newfound dedication to fitness may even take the place of drug and alcohol addictions, allowing patients to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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