Recreational Therapy



Group 700 - Music Therapy
Group 710 - Guitar Therapy
Group 720 - Art Therapy
Group 730 - Gardening Therapy
Group 740 - Nature Therapy
Group 750 - Service Dog Therapy
Group 760 - Expressive Writing Therapy
Group 770 - Recreational Activities
Group 780 - Laughter Therapy
Group 790 - Magic Therapy
Group 795 - Fun in Recovery


Group 700 - Music Therapy: The Music Therapy group session teaches clients of the healing power of music which helps the client cope. One of the most valuable but difficult obstacles for clients overcoming addiction is the art of calming the mind. The group session allows a person to develop a self-created way out from stress and cravings, which reduces the prevalence of relapse. The group session helps the client rediscover hobbies through the power of music.

Group 710 - Guitar Therapy: The Guitar Therapy Program gives clients afflicted with PTSD hope behind the strings of a guitar. The healing power of music helps the client cope. We provide the guitars and James "Chip" Buyers teaches them how to play. We help rediscover hobbies through the power of music.

Group 720 - Art Therapy: The California Palms addiction specialists have developed multiple ways for clients to communicate their feelings in therapy. One of these methods is art therapy, where clients are encouraged to express themselves through different forms of artistic media and create works that convey their emotions. This help the client discover and rediscover talents and former passions, it also allows the client to express thoughts and feelings that might otherwise be hidden. The California Palms therapists are able to examine artwork created by clients and make assessments about their mood, mental health and other personality traits. This process often results in clients gaining a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Group 730 - Gardening Therapy: Neurologist Dr. Holly Mogiano, M.D. teaches a Gardening therapy session and works with our veterans at Earth Angel Farms greenhouse. The California Palms on-site veterans gardens play a crucial role in helping veterans improve their mental health and in defeating their addictions. Therapeutic gardening gives clients the opportunity to get closer to nature; grow fresh fruits and vegetables for use in our cuisine; and interact with butterflies, birds and other wildlife attracted to the healing garden. Gardening can also provide veterans with an increased sense of self-purpose and self-worth, especially for those who have no close friends or family.

Group 740 - Nature Therapy: The Nature Therapy Groups session is a part of the California Palms comprehensive care program to help clients in their pursuit of total wellness. Anyone who has ever taken a long walk at Mill Creek Park can attest to the calming and healing experience of nature. There's something humbling about the park which inspires introspection and self-awareness. Nature therapy can help clients develop new perspectives and understandings about themselves during their addiction treatment. Nature therapy is an essential part of the holistic drug and alcohol rehab program at California Palms. It’s one of several healing techniques we use and one that has seen incredible success.

Group 750 - Service Dog Therapy: Karen Lutz and Randy Wilson with Elite K9 Training provide service dog therapy training for vets. The dogs help veterans with Combat PTSD feel less stressed and provide companionship. Emotional support of the service dogs provide comfort and can even help with some parts of living with PTSD, but they are not a substitute for effective PTSD treatment. Veterans who stay long term can select and train their own dog and adopt the dog upon graduation from the Palms. If you are a veteran and looking for a PTSD service dog treatment program give us a call. If you train the service dog while you are at our residential PTSD treatment center for veterans, you may take the service dog home with you.

Group 760 - Expressive Writing Therapy: Fear of judgment keeps many of us from fully and honestly expressing ourselves; the same goes for recovering addicts who may be ashamed of some of their choices and their current lifestyle. The California Palms Expressive Writing Therapy program gives clients at California Palms an outlet to express their innermost emotions, thoughts, hopes and fears. Participants keep a journal, where they lay the foundation for personal growth through writing. This exercise is meant to focus on reflective writing, a process in which clients can be honest with themselves, their therapists and their peers in group therapy. Expressive Writing Therapy aims to help clients: Increase coping skills, recognize destructive trends in your thoughts and behaviors, improve your ability to express yourself honestly, raise self-awareness and confidence and establish post-rehab goals.

Group 770 - Recreational Activities: At California Palms, clean fun entertainment fosters the belief that sober fun is possible. Our programs integrate entertainment into the recovery process in a unique, effective manner by encouraging family participation at these events. California Palms integrates outdoor pick nicks, trips to parks, on-site water slides, outdoor music, and more, into the recovery process by encouraging family participation at these events. Outdoor sober fun allows those in treatment to take a step back and experience calm outdoor sober fun. California Palms clean fun entertainment in the winter integrate Sled Riding at Mill Creek Park during the winter into the recovery process in a unique, effective manner by encouraging sled riding and family participation during the Ohio winters.

Group 780 - Laughter Therapy: California Palms offers many unique features as part of our comprehensive approach to addiction and mental health treatment. A good laugh is a nice reprieve from the stresses of the addicted life. Dave Robich and veteran Johnny Damm have developed laughter therapy course for those in recovery. Clients are encouraged to express themselves through comedy. Clients are taught comedy by veteran Johnny Damm and Dave Robich and encouraged to express themselves on stage during the session and during open mike night held twice a month. When it comes to recovery from addiction the client’s mood and attitude during treatment can make or break one's progress. For this reason, the California Palms makes every effort to ensure the client's psychological wellness both in the long and short-term.

Group 790 - Magic Therapy: The Magic Therapy session by Marshall Flynn, Jr. Marshall a recovering addict with eight years sobriety teaches an amazing session of magic where clients learn magic and illusions which they can use in everyday life.

Group 795 - Fun in Recovery: The Fun in Recovery group therapy session teaches clients that there is an almost endless list of entertainment options for people in recovery. A few of the most popular will be explores including (1) Going to the cinema, (2) bowling, (3) activities such as yoga, meditation or Tai Chi, (4) Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or events, (5) spending time with friends and family, (6) reading a book, (7) journal writing, (8) starting a blog, and (9) helping others. The session is done in a group setting where clients share their experiences in recovery.