Sebastian Rucci Owner California Palms Cares for Our Veterans

Founder and President
California Palms Veterans Recovery Center
Youngstown, Ohio
Cell: (330) 720-0398
Work: (330) 935-2663

Sebastian Rucci Owner California Palms Veterans Recovery Center Youngstown Ohio
Sebastian Rucci Owner California Palms Veterans Recovery Center

Sebastian Rucci is a licensed attorney and engineer, with thirty years experience in business development with a highly successful record of land development. Sebastian Rucci is the owner of the California Palms Veterans Recovery Center,which he created after suffering the loss of two brothers to addiction. Sebastian Rucci has many years of experience working with those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. At the Palms, Sebastian manages various departments, and drives his unique and innovative vision of superior addiction therapy, mental health therapy, physical fitness, positive thinking and music therapy, through every facet of operations.

The California Palms Addiction Recovery Campus, the former hotel that businessman Sebastian Rucci recently converted into a drug-addiction treatment facility, treats veterans exclusively. The facility participates in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Choice Program, which allows eligible veterans to seek private care in lieu of care at VA facilities.

The center has the capacity to house more than 200 people. “We provide dual-diagnosis inpatient care for veterans with substance use disorders and PTSD. We will continue to serve local patients also through private insurance,” Sebastian Rucci said. “The difference is, from a public perspective, we’re going to focus exclusively on veterans,” he said. The center will accept nonveteran patients if space allows. In the future, Sebastian Rucci might look to add a site for nonveterans and make this facility veteran-exclusive.

California Palms is based at the former California Palms, the resort-style hotel in which Sebastian Rucci invested approximately $5 million to renovate. Sebastian Rucci announced in January that rather making the hotel part of a hotel-chain franchise to reach higher occupancy rates, he would convert the site into a dual-diagnosis drug-treatment center.Sebastian Rucci has been personally affected by the area’s drug-abuse epidemic, losing two younger brothers to drugs.

California Palms retains some of the resort’s atmosphere. “The patients will live in resort style rooms with private bathrooms in a safe and secure environment,” Rucci said, noting the facility’s numerous amenities. California Palms Veterans addiction recovery center also offers 24/7 inpatient counseling, mental-health assessments and therapy provided by behavioral health professionals. “We believe the long-term inpatient care in a beautiful facility, with experienced counselors, and evidence- based courses will provide our nation’s veterans with the tools to return to active life,” Rucci said.

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Sebastian Rucci Owner California Palms Cares for Our Veterans