Navy Substance Abuse Addiction Recovery Center

The California Palms Residential Treatment Program allows military veterans to stay full-time at the facility as they complete a multi-disciplinary plan designed to treat their addiction and mental health issues. We treat veterans with heroin addiction, opioid addiction, alcohol addiction and other prescription medications. The first step is a complete detox , followed by therapy sessions that focus on relapse prevention and life skills, followed by mind-body physical fitness and other therapy and wellness classes that teach residents how to live full lives and make healthy choices after they leave the facility.
There is a strong link between posttraumatic stress disorder and substance abuse disorder. Many military and veterans with PTSD use alcohol or drugs to relieve stress, depression, and upsetting memories. This may cause drug and alcohol addiction in many veterans. Using drugs or alcohol substances to AVOID can actually make things worse not better. Struggling to cope with a post traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ) and event doesn’t always lead to problems with alcohol addiction or drugs addiction. However, military service members who experienced combat and other traumatic events are more likely to have problems with alcohol addiction ( substance abuse disorder ) and drugs. These substances make it more difficult to deal with stress and trauma.

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VA Hospital Substance Abuse Program ASAP Cali Parc Luxury Private Rooms
VA Hospital Substance Abuse Program ASAP Cali Parc Luxury Private Rooms
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