BlueCross and BlueShield Drug Treatment Centers in Ohio

BlueCross and BlueShield Drug Treatment Centers in Ohio
California Palms Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers is a Blue Cross and Blue Shield substance abuse approved addiction treatment program provider. If you are searching drug and alcohol treatment centers that accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield look no further. Health insurance plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield are some of the most comprehensive in the country, and many provide substance abuse and addictions treatment. Most policyholders will have coverage for some or all of a stay at California Palms and this includes for both drug and alcohol treatment. Plans could include coverage for some or all of the following:

The detoxification process; private or semi-private rooms; inpatient and outpatient drug & alcohol rehab at private and luxury facilities; 12-step programs; group and individual therapy; treatment for mental health issues and co-occurring disorders; aftercare programs.

Anywhere between 60 and 90 percent of the above treatment could be covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance policy. However, each policy will have different limits, deductibles, co-pays, and daily and per-stay maximums. Before Blue Cross Blue Shield will provide coverage for drug or alcohol addiction, you will have to undergo a pre-certification process.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association covers rehab, but it all depends on the policy. The Federal Employee Program covers group and individual therapy sessions that you attend during outpatient rehab, but you’re responsible for the copay. The company does require precertification, so you must go through this before seeking residential treatment.

Not everyone recovers from an addiction at the same pace, which is why Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association looks at other factors when it comes to private addiction treatment. Instead of giving you a set length of time such as three days, the company will cover a portion of your stay based on your deductible and amount of coverage. If you have more coverage through your employer or choose a more affordable treatment facility, you might enjoy a longer stay. The treatment center and your insurance will keep your information discreet regardless of the duration of your stay.

The Federal Employee Program offers an unlimited stay at an approved inpatient treatment center, and you’ll pay $250. For an out-of-network treatment center, you’ll pay $350 and a set fee based on your plan allowance. By letting you choose any treatment center, you get the chance to choose from some exclusive centers.

Addiction isn’t something that you can cure overnight, but with the proper help from professionals in a recovery center, you can start working on taking back your life. Whether your provider covers outpatient or inpatient programs, you’ll want to decide which is the best option for you. When you want a fresh start that gets you away from former friends and loved ones who use drugs and alcohol, you can stay at a residential center. If you aren’t ready to let loved ones know about your addiction, an outpatient program is a better option. You can schedule your meetings and sessions around work, school, or other personal obligations.

Not everyone has access to great insurance through a respected provider, but those people still deserve treatment from a great rehabilitation center. If you’re one of the millions of uninsured Americans, now is the type to work out a payment plan with the facility. You agree to pay a small amount every month and make installments until you’ve paid off the total cost of the stay, and the center agrees to start treatment immediately.

Let us help you find out what rehab facilities accept your Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association insurance. We want to not only find you an affordable treatment option but also find one where you’ll feel comfortable. Call 1-888-760-7647 for yourself or a loved one today.