Veterans Aftercare Program

  (800) 378-8259 


Upon completion of inpatient/residential or intensive outpatient the veteran will be assessed to determine the level of continuing care required and begin a period of aftercare. Decisions regarding aftercare are based on a continuing care treatment plan identifying specific goals, interventions, and means to assess interventions. At a minimum, a relapse prevention plan will be created and agreed upon prior to discharge.

The aftercare program will access the viability of 12-step programs, support groups, sober living or individual or group counseling. Upon discharge, veterans are armed with the contacts and resources needed to continue along the road to recovery. Veterans who located outside Northeast Ohio are encourage to affiliate with their local support groups to ensure continuity of treatment. There is no one-size-fits-all aftercare program. We tailor an aftercare program to meet the veterans individual needs.

The veteran’s progress will be monitored while in aftercare. The goal is to ensure that the veteran does not need to be returned to treatment and a relapse prevention plan is implemented and proceeding smoothly.

The Palms clinical team will determine when the veteran no longer requires aftercare based on ASAM industry guidelines found in Treatment Criteria for Addictive Substance-Related and Co-Occurring Condition.


We accept insurance from Veterans ChoiceCignaAetna, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Humana, and Medical Mutual. Payments plans from Prosper Healthcare Lending or My Treatment Lender. Travel to/from our Location may be covered by various sources. Contact the CALIFORNIA PALMS at (800) 378-8259 

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