Aroma Therapy


The healing benefits of aromatherapy can be felt in a variety of ways. It may give patients that much more control over their depression and anxiety, or it may help alleviate some of their more mild withdrawal symptoms. California Palms offers this widely-practiced therapy in an effort to give our patients every resource available to help them get past their addiction and mental disorder. The process is led by Shuana Krafft, an experienced professional that will match each fragrance to patients’ specific conditions.


Let Our Scents Help Promote Your Healing

When it comes to recovery from addiction, mental illness and most other conditions, the patient’s mood and attitude during treatment can make or break one's progress. For this reason, the facility in which a patient finds themselves should make every effort to ensure the patient's psychological wellness both in the long and short-term. California Palms offers a unique and effective brand of aromatherapy as part of our comprehensive approach to mental health treatment.

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years by numerous civilizations, and in modern times it has been found to be an effective tool in psychological therapy. Our experienced and knowledgeable aromatherapy experts are well-versed in this sensory therapy and in the different benefits of natural materials. Using a variety of plant matter, including their extracts and essential oils, our therapists attempt to cultivate a feeling of harmony, relaxation and overall wellness through exposure to certain fragrances.


Essential Oils Used in Therapy Include:

Lavender - Elicits feelings of calmness and relaxation.
Lemon Oil – Believed to enhance energy and improve mood.
Peppermint – Believed to offer relief from withdrawal symptoms, like head and body aches.
Bergamot – Helps diminish certain depression symptoms.
Eucalyptus – Improves breathing and promotes energy.
Chamomile – Helps patients sleep and facilitates relaxation.
Dill – Helps reduce minor symptoms of anxiety
Ginger – Believed to elevate mood and stimulate focus.
Jasmine – Believed to help with depression and improve mood.
Additional oils commonly used in aromatherapy include pine, rosemary, yiang yiang and sandalwood.


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